One of our weavers and an extraordinary artist in ceramics. Fusing her impeccable skill in embroidery to her ceramic craft. An all around all-star with a great eye for detail and endless creativity.


Simply a superb seamstress! Putting our woven puzzle pieces together. She is known to give the best hugs and her smile is absolutely infectious. Not only bringing her well honed experience to the studio but always a kind word as well.


Our studio manager! Responsible for keeping all the gears going behind the scenes. She brings with her an extensive background in set and costume design. So, let’s just say she knows how to set the stage for inspiration and creativity to flow. Additionally, the coolest person we know.

Weaver weaving


A weaver and jack-of-all-trades. A multifaceted artist, who brings all of his experience to the works he weaves. Well versed in many mediums and knowledgeable in all things from the mundane to spiritual. He’s our Mr. Nice Guy.

Weaver weaving


Our weaver and resident prankster. The quality of his weaving is as acerbic as his wit. He keeps the studio in stitches and enjoys hiding his co-workers phones and beverages. Alon is definitely a main ingredient to the awesome atmosphere at Gallery Canaan.


Our Sales Manager and unbelievably talented artist. We say unbelievably because she can do it all, from glass fusing, to painting to embroidery. She brings her talent and passion for art to Gallery Canaan,but her greatest aptitude is connecting with people and building memorable moments for our patrons.


Partner & Gallery Manager. The glue that binds us all together. Responsible for handling business and getting things done. His most important role is making sure our team is doing their best and getting the best out of our gallery. You can always expect a listening ear and helping hand.


Super seamstress galore. She keeps busy with the tiny details of producing a superior tallit. Not only assembling our goods, but making sure what leaves our studio, is worthy of it’s future task. Her care and skill leaves an impression on all of her work, and all who work with her.


Some artists work with pastels or oil, Ravit paints with fabrics. When we snatched her up, she was already a well established clothing designer with her own fashion line. Her experience, talent, and delicious food have found a happy home at Gallery Canaan.


Not just a weaver, a master weaver. A true technician of the trade. She studied the art of weaving in one of Israel’s top art institutes. After moving to Tzfat and looking for work, she was shocked to find a position open for a weaver, of all things. It was divine providence. A long time and valued member of the Gallery Canaan family.


Our office manager and general list maker. I am actually writing this, so I can say anything about myself I want. Queen super ninja master of the universe and knower of all things. And, as the knower of all things, want to tell you that we make the most beautiful tallits in the world. I know. I checked, online.


The creative genius/force behind all we do here at Gallery Canaan. When people walk into our gallery and say, “WOW!” That’s Orna. She is the WOW! A luminary of modern weaving and textile art, she has created and cultivated a place of endless inspiration, beautiful artwork, unparalleled judaica, and family, here, at Gallery Canaan.