How to Choose a Tallit?

Mazal tov!! If you’re thinking about buying a new tallit, that means you have an up-coming simcha or you’re looking to hiddur mitzvah (enhancing the aesthetic of a particular mitzvah, i.e. purchasing a new and beautiful tallit!)

How do I find the right tallit?

Judaica stores or online shopping might have you feeling confused by the hundreds of options available…not to worry! Here’s a few tips to help you navigate choosing your tallit.

First, It’s not all about size. Many people think their size of tallit is dependent on their height. Not true. While height does play a small part, personal preference is really the deciding factor.

There are 3 main “styles” of wearing a tallit, which will decide your size:

The “shawl” style

SMALL: 20″ X 78″

The shawl style is worn wrapped around the shoulders or hangs around the neck.

The “In-between” Style

MEDIUM: 38″ X 78″

The “In between” style is a happy compromise between the small and large sizes. The medium gives more coverage than the shawl style, and less weight for those who find the draped style a bit too much fabric.

The “draped” style

LARGE: 48″ X 78″

The draped style is put on like a cape, while the excess fabric on the sides is gathered onto the shoulders, while the rest of the fabric drapes down the back.

A few more tips!

  • A small tallit can be worn by a person of any height if they prefer the shawl style.
  • For the draped style, if you are over 5’9, best to go with a large.
  • Still not sure? A medium can be worn as either style, and a large tallit can be used as a beautiful one-of-a-kind chuppah, as well.
  • If you’re shopping for someone other than yourself and still feeling unsure, feel free to send us an email and we’d be more than happy to help you find the perfect tallit!