Accessibility Statement

The Canaan-Gallery website has taken great measures to make this website accessible for
people with eyesight disabilities and for those who require assistive technology when using
a computer. Efforts have been made to enable accessibility for everyone.
If, however, you have encountered an issue relating to accessibility on this website, please
contact us via Form at bottom of page.

Complying with Standards

All pages on this website are in HTML5 standard code, to enable assistive technologies such
as screen readers. The site was designed to include contrasting colors for the benefit of
people with color blindness and other sight-related disabilities. The content on the website
is semantic, with headings, tables, lists, paragraphs, and links.

Website Display

Pages can be enlarged by clicking on Ctrl +
Enlarging texts to 250% will present the website as seen on mobile devices – for optimal content display
Minimal recommended resolution for viewing this website is 980 pixels wide, yet the site can be viewed with lower resolution
The website is responsive and can be viewed on mobile devices
The font used on the website is sans serifs to prevent interferences with reading

Operating the Website using the Keyboard

∙Use the Tab key to move through the links on the website
∙Click on the Shift (+) Tab keys to move back through the links
∙Use the Enter key to operate the link

Dedicated Accessibility Menu

To make this website accessible for people with special needs, we have added a special
accessibility menu to allow users to alter various definitions. Doing so will make surfing on
the website simple and suitable.
To reach the Accessibility Menu, click on the following icon on the lefthand side of the page.

By using the Accessibility Menu, you can perform the following actions, to suit your specific

  • Making texts larger or smaller
  • Grey shades and colors
  • Increased contrast
  • Negative contrast
  • Bright background
  • Highlighted links
  • Readable fonts

If you have encountered an accessibility issue on this website, please let us know by completing the following form.