Weaving Workshop

Duration:  60 minutes
Cost: 720

A live demonstration and explanation of weaving, the demonstration is followed by a presentation of fascinating images that engages both the art of weaving, and the deep ties to the ancient city of Safed and the people who lived there.

You will participate together in weaving a fabric embroidered with the name of the group, family or congregation.

The Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Experience  – The Tzitzit Connection.                                                                        

Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: 390

We invite the celebrating family to come to our beautiful overlooking veranda, where they will perform the mitzvah of tying the tzitzit (tassels) to the tallit together.

We will explain the spiritual importance of the tzitzit and each family member will be asked to tie a knot or more into the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child’s tallit – and along with the knot, tie a blessing or memory for the child. At the end of the ceremony, the tallit will be presented to the guest of honor. This experience is full of fascinating insights to the hows and whys of the tying of tzitzit.

(this includes a new factory-made tallit, for the cost of hand-woven tallits, please contact us or view our creations in “Our Shop” of our website)

“Handful of herbs”:

Duration: 30-45 minutes
Cost: 88₪ 
 per person

This is an interactive workshop in which participants will prepare a colorful pouch of woven fabric containing herbs collected from nature, here, in the Galilee; wonderful for Havdalah, or a sweet smelling memory of your time here in Safed.

“Finger weaving” – Children and the Youth weaving workshop

Duration: 30-45 minutes
Cost: 60₪ 
      per person 

In this workshop, participants will learn to weave with nothing but fingers! An  enjoyable activity with a self-made bracelet as a souvenir.

“Haoreg Shni Batei Nirin” – a special workshop for Tora scholars

Duration: 30-45 minutes
Cost: 350

The Art of weaving is described in great detail in rabbinic literature – the different parts that make up the loom, the weaving operations as conducted by weaver, and weaving as it appears in the Talmud. All demonstrated live; giving a complete and clear understanding of the weaving process.

Opening Hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 09:00-18:00
Friday: 09:00-14:00
Saturday: closed

Participants: 3-20 people
location: Old City of Tzfat

"Hello. I wanted to reach out on behalf of the Goldstein family and thank you. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in your gallery and making the scented sashes. It was absolutely one of the highlights of our trip. We submitted a posting to Trip Advisors and hope they will post it. It is a very popular review travel sight. We wish you continued success and blessings."

Michelle Glenn Brentt Jarett Erynn and Family

"Please thank everyone involved in the weaving of my incredible talit. I wear it for the first time tonight in a lifetime with such love and gratitude for your work and all the color and beauty you bring into the world. Since fall of 1998 I've dreamt of the moment when I could afford this talit. Thank you for still being there to make it possible. I wish you all blessings and good fortune. Shabbat shalom"

Rabbi Michael Sommer

"All I can say is Magnificent the Talit exceeded anything I could have imagined thank you for everything and I will probably be calling on you again in the future we have a 10 year old son "Ian" we will hopefully be getting a Talit from you for him again Thankyou very much for the "Work of art" shalom Alex :)))"

Alex chernin

"Omer! It is so beautiful!!! I am thrilled with my tallit, kipot, and carry bag. The colors, weaving, and intentionality are so wonderful. I cannot wait to wrap myself in it for the first time at services this Saturday for Shabbat Shirah.
Please extend my thanks to everyone at Canaan Gallery: yourself, Orna, the whole family. Know that meeting all of you and my experiences in your shop (as well as the final product, of course) were one of the highlights of my first trip to Israel last October. I find it comforting to have my dear ones names on the tzitzit corners, too. What a lovely idea."

Cathy Stiern

Hi Rivka and Omer,

The talit arrived! My son said "it is amazing beyond my wildest dreams." A beautiful work of art. Thanks so much for your attention and helping to make our simcha so special!



Amy barton

Just want you to know that the Tallit arrived today. It is beautiful. Thank you for rushing the finishing of it and the shipping. We leave for our grandchildren's Bnai mitzvah in 48 hours. I will be so thrilled to be wearing it.

Debbie Nathan

Please extend my thanks to Joshua and all of the artisans at Canaan Gallery for the beautiful tallis (Reference # 200838) that we received. I will wear it with joy, and it will be a tangible memory of our trip to Israel. I wish for blessings to be upon all of you, and upon all of Israel!

Paul Etkind