Pesach – How To Keep Tradition?

That’s right. Passover is coming….

Congratulations, Jews. Well over 3000 years and this whole Pesach craze is still going strong. How?

How do we keep tradition going and how relevant is it for us that we do? An answer can be gleaned from an exceptional Midrash. What got us out of Egypt and why does it matter?

Our sages teach that we were led out of Egypt because we kept 3 things intact: our language, our names, and our clothing. Our names link us to our shared history, our language preserves the fabric of our collective cultural identity, and, lastly, our clothing represents how comfortable we are displaying our ‘Jewishness’ to the world around us and our great pride in our illustrious ancestry.

Time for the four questions.
Do you own a tallit? Do you LOVE the tallit you have? ( And, I mean love. We’re not talking about a t-shirt here.)
Are you still wearing the tallit from your bar/bat mitzvah and feel you have outgrown it aesthetically or spiritually? Are you using a well-loved and well-used tallit passed down by a loved one that should be retired?
This is the time of year we look to our past to help enlighten our future. Maybe, its time you find a tallit that speaks your name.