• Ptil Techelet. The mystery of the blue string.

    The Ancient Phoenicians. The two words almost synonymous. I mean, we’re talking about a civilization thriving while our ancestors were in diapers. Also, known as the ‘Purple People,’ due to their cultivation and manufacturing of dyes of blue and purple. This is the beginning of the story.   The tribe of Zevulun’s portion of Israel was [...] Continue Reading
  • Tallit, what’s the point?

    Have you ever asked yourself the question? What am I doing and why am I doing it? Why only in the morning,what’s with this whole blue thread thing, and, in general, how relevant is it in my everyday life? There are many answers, some better than others, and they go something like this,  “I do [...] Continue Reading
  • When’s The Last Time You Heard A Good Chasidish Story? It’s Geschmak!

    In the city of Koretz, lived one of the disciples of the Baal Shem Tov, Rav Pinchas. Koretz was a good kosher town, full of good kosher jews. Everyone prayed three times a day, ate only kosher food, put on tefillin everyday,everyone except for one, Avraham the tailor. He never came to the synagogue, he [...] Continue Reading
  • Pesach – How To Keep Tradition?

    That's right. Passover is coming.... Congratulations, Jews. Well over 3000 years and this whole Pesach craze is still going strong. How? How do we keep tradition going and how relevant is it for us that we do? An answer can be gleaned from an exceptional Midrash. What got us out of Egypt and why does [...] Continue Reading