Avraham Large Kipa

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Each piece created with love, by a technique almost as old as the custom of wearing one. Our kippot are made from a combination of cotton and chenille, and come in two sizes.
Whether you’re looking for something more festive for Shabbat or the holidays or something a little more in tune with your style, we’ve got you covered…..well, at least your head!


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We love color
we’re not afraid 
to use it

For EVERY Occasion!

We are willing to bet you’ve seen a kippa or two…but we’re also willing to bet that you’ve never seen a collection as unique as ours! We love color and we’re not afraid to use it. We have something  for every occasion and every personality.

Two Sizes

We offer two comfy sizes of kipa, large and small. Feeling bold? Maybe try one of our Buchari style kippot. I was trying to think of another awesome pun to put here…. but with kippot like these, who needs more puns? That’s the question.

We can personalize your items

with names or dates, near and dear

to your heart.

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