Israel Tallit

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Tallit “Israel” is made from a cool combination of blues and golds. It’s a wonderful spin on one of the most classic symbols of Israel, our flag. Our “Israel” tallit is the perfect choice for those who want a merry mix between artistry and tradition and patriots.

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Body of the Tallit

We offer the base of our tallits in Cream or White. * For a more baroque styling , speak with us about our specialty weaves.

Hand Tied Tzitzit (Fringes)

Every tallit bears hand tied tzitzit, tied with plan and purpose by our weavers. Our tzitzit are tied in the Sephardic custom of Tzfat, for Ashkenasi tradition, please specify.

Not sure? Let us help. Contact us.

Atara ( Neckband )

Our tallit’s atara (neckband) comes embroidered with the blessing for donning the tallit.

“קדשנו להתעטף בציצית”

Looking for something more personal? Contact us.

Kanfot ( Corners )

Our tallits come with a Magen David  embroidered on every corner. Or if you are looking for a more personalized look, we offer an option of putting names of the wearer and/or loved ones on the corners as well.

Mazal tov!! If you’re thinking about buying a new tallit, that means you have an up-coming simcha or you’re looking to hiddur mitzvah (enhancing the aesthetic of a particular mitzvah, i.e. purchasing a new and beautiful tallit!)

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