Sprig in a Loom V

$ 590.00

What is it about African motifs that make them so captivating? Is it the use of symmetry, geometric shapes, or pattern? Traditional African art moves in a kind of rhythm, like music for the eyes.

But the meaning that lies behind these patterns goes much deeper. Below are some interesting facts about hidden meaning in African art.

62 cm x 62 cm

Available framed or unframed. If unframed, the tapestry will be hung on an olive branch.



Parallel zigzags reminds the viewer to obey the ‘path of the ancestors’, often used to represent the fact that nothing in life is straightforward and the path will be difficult to follow.

Don’t just put something beautiful on your wall, put something meaningful.

Checkerboard black and white triangles, or squares, represent the separation of knowledge and ignorance. White represents the beginning of process of learning and black, the accumulation of wisdom.